Company Introduction

Name of Consulting Engineers: Daneshgaran Tabarestan

Date of Establishment: 1384                Registration Number: 2659                   Place of registration: Amol  

Specialized field of consulting activities (the Statute

Studies and planning, preparing and monitoring plan for the implementation of projects related to architecture and urban development such as

Development plans of cities, towns and villages detailed and comprehensive architectural designs, studies and preparation of preliminary design phase and monitor the implementation of educational buildings, sports, health, business units of residential buildings, offices, and industrial plants, telecommunication facilities, buildings relating to utilities, architecture and urban Design, Department of Transportation (roads, such studies are preliminary and first and second stages and supervision of minor rural roads and major freeways, bridges, buildings technical, airports, Bndrsazy and offshore) water Engineering Group, Department of Agriculture, Department of common professions (such as the environment, mapping)

By Managing Director and board members



 Syed Rasool Rasouli Managing Director and Chairman of the Board

Zabihollah Nick Amal Larijani  Board Member 

Reza khodadad Board Member


 The expertise and qualifications contained in the certificate (valid license file is attached


 Expertise: architecture, residential, commercial, office, industrial and military  Base: 3       Number of vacant capacity: 3

 Expertise: architecture, buildings, sports, healthcare                                  Base: 3       Number of vacant capacity: 3

  Expertise: road building                                                                         Base: 3       Number of vacant capacity: 3